What can I expect during the estimate?

We will schedule a time that works for you.  Kevin or Heather will arrive and review the project with you.  W eeill leave you with a detailed estimate.  

Is there a cost for the estimate?

We provide a free estimate.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes. We have a business license in CO and we have a General Liability policy.

What's the best way to communicate during the project?

We are happy to commuicate via email or phone call, but are most responsive with text.  Once Kevin gets started on a project, text or call to his cell is the most efficient.

Do you recommend a certain type of paint? Do we buy the paint or do you?

We prefer to use Guiry's, but do have accounts with Guiry's and Sherwin Williams.  

We will give you a reoughidea of how many gallons you will need for the project and either you can pick up the paint of we can pick up and bring you the reciepts to add to final bill.  

Who will be working at my house?

Kevin will always be the lead on any project.  He may work alone or bring in one of our crew if needed.  We won't allow anyone in your home that we would not allow in ours.  You can trust that anyone who works for Alinea Painting is a US Citizen.